ISO 9000 : 2001 CERTIFIED

Dura-Tech Processes, Inc. (Dura-Tech) has been saving money for oilfield producers since 1977. When harsh corrosive and abrasive environments caused extremely short pump life, Dura-Tech's proprietary coating, known as Durabide ®, significantly reduced downtime and maintenance costs. These lowered costs allowed producers to operate otherwise marginal wells at a profit.

All our products are extremely resistant to wear and corrosion and have proved successful in harshest of environments. Please contact us for further details. We want to assist you with your wear and/or corrosion problems.
Durabide ®
Silicon particles embedded in Electroless Nickel composite matrix

-> Extremely hard

-> Highly wear resistant

-> Uniform application      throughout the part

-> High corrosion

-> True metallic bond

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